Therapy sand bath

The sand bath CHEBBI the ERG has a great reputation for its therapeutic. The sand bath offers many health benefits, particularly in the treatment of joint problems. The principle of the bath is to bury it in the sand fine for burning 5 to 20 minutes as the case. This time depends entirely on the state of health of the person after doctor’s approval , but spending time in the bath, most effects are magnified. Anyway, must not exceed the 20 minutes, because it is the maximum that can tolerate the human body. ,we offer hot tea after bath. from the fact that this bath has benefits on our health, it is also a slimming program by excellence : very effective if you want to reduce the weight. Indeed, Hot sand at 45 ° C thermometer permits the escape of excess water in the body. Following sweating caused, fats and toxins will be released., there is a choice between June, July and August, because these periods are ideal for sand bath, the temperature is between 35 ° and 45 ° C.. The advantage is that the sand is burning naturellement.Le Palmeras y dunas offer therapy followed by connoisseurs after a medical clearance from a physician approved , for a period of 4 to 7 day periods of therapy ,a regime of mandatory nutrition during treatment ,no exposure to air is to allow the smooth running of therapy .

Sand Ski & Sand Boarding

boards ski hire with or without monitor monitor for professionals..

Mécanical Sport

Adventure and to the dunes or Quad 4*4 sports, buggy what possible Palmeras y Dunas, rental quad or buggy with or without monitor, Bassure, lets you live the adventure through the dunes and the most difficult routes in the region .


For lovers of this sport that is best suited for discovering the secrets of the dunes, the nomadic life in the desert, a professional guide will accompany you during your steps as you walk resistance day in the desert, mobile kitchen offers Moroccan dishes quickly and hygienically during lunch or packed lunch, a camp awaits you every evening for all of your steps.


This is a trip that lasts a day or two days, between the vast dunes of Merzouga on camels in discovery of the nomadic life, the road tuareg, and total disorientation, guided by a camel and having a lunch break in an Oasis in the middle of sand dunes .

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